How to fix your Steam chat message sound back to normal

Valve pushed out their new GUI for Steam today. It has some flaws, but it’s still a very serviceable interface. It looks basically like the Steam Beta, but now it’s mandatory. What might sound strange, however, is the Steam Chat sound is much… different. And a whole lot of awful. Anyways, looks like it is possible to revert to the “old steam” ding noise when people message you. These instructions should work for the most part when the Mac version is released.  First you need to download message.wav, open it’s properties, and select “read only”. If you don’t set the sound file as “Read Only”, this will not work. Then:

Here are the steps:

- Grab a sound.
- Go to Steam/Friends. (c:\Program Files\Steam\Friends or similar)
- Replace message.wav with the new sound. Name it message.wav again.
- Set it to “Only read”, or “Read Only” in the file properties (right click file in Explorer or Finder -> Properties).

Now restart Steam, with your new Read Only message.wav in place. Should work perfectly. If you don’t set the message.wav as Read Only, Steam will overwrite message.wav with the “new” sound. I’ve zipped up some of the other messaging sounds here for posterity, in case Valve changes those as well down the road.

Also: For a lo-fi, old school feel, starting Steam with -no-dwrite should get rid of the font aliasing everywhere

Apparently MentalNinja1004 has created a video tutorial on how to do this:

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6 Responses to How to fix your Steam chat message sound back to normal

  1. MSCB says:

    Thanks! Any way we could also get the old sound that plays when a friend comes online?

  2. admin says:

    I did a search through my directory for any .wav file I could find, they are all located here: but I don’t think the sound you’re looking for is in there, sorry.

  3. Lukas says:

    nice ! THX!

  4. srbinas says:

    Hey MSCB and @ all:

    For all interested people, here the “soundfont”, when a friend come online:


  5. wesdfsdfsdf says:

    I hated the sound back then… Now i love it

  6. Jonathan Österman says:

    Hello there guys :) ! I have followed your steps but for some reasons it doesn’t work :( ….

    What can be the issue ? Please help!!!!!

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