The most remote regions of the internet

Google Analytics has this neat feature that will show you a world map of where every visitor to your site is from, in many cases allowing you to drill down to the actual city they are from. I was amazed that I had visits from nearly 50 countries by the end of the first week of using Google Analytics, and it started to taper off from there. Wikipedia lists 193 widely recognized┬ásovereign┬ástates, so when my site has been visited by 81 of them, I consider that somewhat of an achievement – many of the others are tiny specks of land occupied by less than 50,000 people. Anyways – watching my map fill from mostly white outlines to mint green or dark green has been interesting to watch. The countries that never filled in with a shade of green hasn’t been terribly suprising. I created a negative space map of the few countries that haven’t visited my site yet for you to see:

It’s obvious that most of Africa is well represented, along with most of the “near east” – the “stans”, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, some odd outliers like Mongolia, Papua New Guinea; I have visits from Saudia Arabia, but not Yemen or Oman. The patchwork on the left of the map is Ecuador, the Guianas, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, along with Cuba. To the north is Greenland and Iceland, which combined I think have a population of less than half a million. To the east of India is Bangladesh, Laos, Bhutan, and Cambodia.

So that’s based on 50,000 hits to the site over almost five months. I’d love to the number of countries on that map shrink, but I am pretty sure the DNS server for the country of Chad has been down now for several months. Some countries may be slower to “come online” than others. When you’re having trouble feeding your population, internet isn’t always a top priority.

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  1. Katia says:

    Very interesting video and difrfeent as the doctor didnt do any packing but did cauterizing the wound. I loved the soundtrack to this video, its a hell of a lot better than elevator music or that acidrock/heavy metal serial killer music! Good job on the post!

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