Windows Viruses and Windows 7

Well I finally jumped in and bought my first legitimate copy of Windows. Newegg had a great deal on Win7 so I picked up a copy of that, along with an additional 2GB of ram and a much larger/faster primary hard drive. That should all arrive monday afternoon. I had picked up some weird virus that would redirect me to random websites. I could live with that until Win7 arrived on monday. Well this morning, Sunday, about an hour ago it redirected me to some lovely drive-by spamware site. So here I am, the day before Windows7 comes in the mail, reinstalling WinXP. Lovely.

I was a bit wary about Win7 after the whole Vista issue, but after putting my mother on it for both her desktop and laptop with zero problems, and my buddies all seemed to like it on their computers. I was going to wait for Win7 SP1, but it seems that I’ll be upgrading 6 months earlier than I’d hoped. So we’ll see how this new version of windows goes.

Steam is rumored to have a Linux port in the works; I plan on dual-booting Ubuntu 10.4 and Win7; Apparently TF2 runs all right under Wine already. We’ll see how that goes – my buddy, a big Linux nerd, says Win7 is so good he hasn’t booted into Linux on his desktop in months.

One joke I’d been telling my buddies is that I was buying Win7 for the Virus/Firewall. That’s partially true; a virus scanner costs about $35-50, but it’s included free in Win7, including updates for 5-7 years. Well anyways this blog post was meant to kill some time while XP installed, it’s done now, time to find drivers for everything…

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  1. Anxbayar says:

    Blitt en “titter”?? Hehe …. Du er ikke alene om e5 “fikle” med kameraet mens en vetenr i bilen. Jeg har ogse5 en viss trang til e5 knipse i fart, enten jeg sitter i bil eller pe5 motorsykkel, som passasjer altse5! Mesteparten er av en kvalitet som ikke egner seg for bloggen, men det finnes heldigvis unntak – ikke helt bortkastet mao. Reflekser i bilruta er et problem … du har klart e5 komme deg fint “forbi” her. Finer reflekser der de skal ve6re!Ha en fin sf8ndag!

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