Harp Mics (pt. 99)

I am still trying to figure out how to order a “replacement part” for the microphone element of a Shure Green Bullet. And then stick it — ah, here it is. The part number is “R198″ from Shure and it looks like they retail for about $38.99 – That’s exactly 1/3rd the cost of a brand new Shure Green Bullet off of Amazon. Just build your own enclosure out of a wooden mug or plastic container and you’re good to go as a professional harmonica player. For kicks, here is the actual, “working” part in your $120 microphone you love so much, underneath the green cast metal and chrome exterior.

So what am I doing looking at microphone cartridges? Well from previous research, I know that the Green Bullet is the top third of what is lovingly called “The Dispatcher”, commonly used (I presume) in police stations, and more commonly seen, perhaps, in school offices. I knew what the old style looked like, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw a more modern one at my college’s advising office. Turns out it uses the same microphone cartridge as the Green Bullet – it just has a base with a momentary switch, and costs about $70 shipped. That’s not a bad deal. A little more than half the cost of a green bullet, with most of the functionality. It looks like they’ve welded the “bullet” to the base unfortunately. Which means you’ll need a hacksaw to use it the way you want to. The ebay bastards are pretty smart, they market it as a “Green Bullet” and want $70 for one. If you troll the Ham radio boards you can pick one up for less than half that used.

Also, it turns out, when you comment on youtube videos, sometimes people respond! Someone had linked to this video, I guess commenting on the variety of ukes (4) he used to do a cover of some song. What caught my eye was the red, “Green Bullet” looking microphone he was using to record. It sounded good, and had the right shape. It’s got a confusing name, it’s a Cardinal (red) brand, Blue series microphone. Check it out here.

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