Independent “Indie” Games

I’ve been a big fan of low cost, low-to-medium content games for Steam lately. Steam has these sales every few days with games for $5 or less (they seem to have found the sweet spot in pricing for not-quite-new games). Also the remains of tropical storm Hermine have completely soaked Texas and it’s unwise to go out there. So here is my A list of indie games just around the corner…

So anyways, Terry Cavanagh’s game, “VVVVVV” – yes, that really is the name, six Vs – was released on Steam today for $5, which got me thinking about some other retro/lo-fi games out there. The two big games I am looking forward to are Air Pirates by Cactusquid:

Which for some unknown reason, is still unreleased after being “basically finished” since 2007. E4 was supposed to pick it up but it never made it to their website.

And then this game, which has a “Legend of Zelda” vibe to it, but with a completely new asthetic, Sword and Sorcery EP, also unreleased, by SuperBrothers:

And then of course there is Super Meat Boy, or SMB, alluding to Super Mario Brothers. Really looking forward to this one whenever it’s released. Apparently it is “content complete” as of Aug 29th and will be debuting at PAX in September.

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