Relational Databases and Vector Graphics

At work I’ve had some contact with working with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then I got thrown on to another project using AutoCAD 2011. I thought it would be neat to combine the two, and brush up on my (decade old) programming skills. Some sort of wacky C++ vector graphics program that saves it’s data to a custom made database (db) file.

Here’s a really cool transcript of some old geezers talking about the Project R relational database program in the early 1970s, 20 years later. I was amused to find out that Larry Ellison beat IBM to the punch by releasing a competing product to Project R before IBM did, based on IBM’s documents.

Also, here’s a list of vector programs and engines. I find it interesting that vector graphics seem to exist wholly inside the Illustrator type category, and 2D cad isn’t mentioned at all.

Couple of other datapoints:

I had no idea there was an “upgrade” that gave you Empire Strikes Back. Nice.

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