Nearly Deaf, 10 years on.

A few days ago I bought ten years of hosting. TEN YEARS. began as a concept, hosted on a free webhost in high school on 5/7/1999. I hosted NearlyDeaf off of my home computer starting in 2001, on and off. I bought the domain on 10/12/2005 and hosted it on until they shut down, and then renewed it on 2/21/2008 when the current site began functioning. formally turned 5 last fall. My next billing date for Nearly Deaf is February 2021. I can’t even imagine what I’ll be doing a decade from now.  By purchasing in bulk I managed to continue to pay my low price of $3.99/mo, and they upgraded me to deluxe hosting, which means I get 150GB (I was paying for 10 previously) and unlimited bandwith (I was capped at 10GB/mo previously). Another plus is that I don’t have another internet bill until 2017, when domain registration fees for are due again.

With a better hosting plan, I decided to make a hobby website to take advantage of my freshened SEO skills. The idea was to buy, but I found out that was available, which is arguably a much more valuable property. And then this morning I realized (contracting Avenue to Ave) is available. So 3 domains x 2 years = $60 down the drain. Let’s see if I can’t make these rank well and get some return on my money in addition to providing some valuable content about my neighborhood.

Originally I was going to redirect to, but already they’ve started to diverge as seperate entities. I think is going to end up the redheaded stepchild of this experiment. Also doesn’t help that I can’t spell “Restaurant” without the aid of a spell checker. But that’s what Google Instant Search is for. More on that later. GreenvilleAveDallas represents an interesting marketing experiment. From my personal observations there aren’t any good East Dallas blogs or non-crap directories of resturants. I imagine that is sort of how got started, filling that gap in San-Fran.

But we’ll see how much time and energy I have to focus on that sort of thing. There’s fliers on my door about stuff going on in the neighborhood every day, so there’s no shortage of content.

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