Greenville Avenue and Unrelated

Well, so far my experiment has gone well. I am ranking in the top 3 for most search results involving Greenville Avenue Parade 2011 or some variation thereof. In less than two weeks I’ve managed to grab the attention of at least one local newspaper. There goes the conventional wisdom that Google doesn’t rank sites well in the first two months. I am noticing about 15% of my traffic coming from facebook, which is definitely a first for any of my sites. After I was contacted by the newspaper I figured I was on to something and went ahead and added some more content to the site.

Here’s a quick list of other local blogs:

Also I booked a trip to Mexico the other day, coincidentally coinciding with the two peak Spring Breaks. I head out a week from today in the AM. I should have some good pics to share when I get back. I’m headed towards Mexico City and Oxaca, two very un-spring break locations for Mexico.

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  1. Benu says:

    Your’s is a point of view where real inctnligelee shines through.

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