List for Backpacking

Well they are right. 2600 cubic inches is a huge pack to take with you. It’s a comfortable size and will still fit in the overhead compartment of any vehicle, or simply sit in your lap for trips < 2 hours. Headed out to Mexico in ~18 hours, looking over my bag (and testing my netbook) to make sure I have all the essentials.

Quick list, besides the obvious clothes:

  • Carabiner
  • Pens and sharpies
  • Quick phrase book
  • Larger dictionary
  • Netbook
  • Phone/Laptop chargers
  • Hat
  • Books
  • Phone (camera)
  • Poncho for bag
  • Water bottle
  • Quick Dry Socks!! (3 pair)
  • Passport
  • $500 USD in local currency
  • Cocoon/Bed liner
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