Container Bob – Who is he? And what does he represent?

My buddy just sent me a strange message. When he says things like this, it’s usually wise to take note:

just shy of half way down there’s a paragraph about a guy called “Container Bob”
it is possibly one of the most intriguing paragraphs ever written

The Paragraph, from Wired Magazine, reads:

It was hardly the first fishy shipment to pass through Gioia Tauro. Famously, just six weeks after 9/11, workers there heard noises coming from inside a container being transshipped to Nova Scotia via Rotterdam. Inside, police found an Egyptian-born Canadian carrying a Canadian passport, a satellite phone, a cell phone, a laptop, cameras, maps, and security passes to airports in Canada, Thailand, and Egypt. The container’s interior was outfitted with a bed, a water supply, a heater, and a toilet. Nicknamed Container Bob, the man posted bail in Italian court and was never seen again.

Gioia Tauro, is if you’re curious, is one of the busiest ports in the world, somewhere halfway between the Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar, at the toe of Italy’s famous “boot”.
Only two articles about the topic so far:
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