update: NTXPA Server: Stabby Town is up, and I’ve finally fixed all the bugs. At one point in the past I restarted the server, which then broke the map download. Awesomely, the people who had played it the first week the server debuted, came back time and time again, so I never noticed it wasn’t redirecting until seeing many people connect and then drop over and over. So anyways server is back up and fully functional, except for the fact that the rcon isn’t working… again.

about: NTXPA Stabby Town is a “zombie style” server, filled with typically 28-39 counter terrorist bots who can only wield a knife, and you, a terrorist, start with only your knife and a pistol with just 20 rounds in it. There are lots weapons around the edge of the map, but they only carry one clip, and you’ll find that you run through 30 rounds more quickly than you’d like!

join: Join the NTXPA Stabby Town server community on steam to get announcements of events, custom map nights, get togethers, etc.

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