“Basement” EP

Basement EP Cover

Finally got to use some of my recording equipment. This is sorta an “alpha” test of everything. Came back from a club called “The Basement” and here we are. Ashley “80s Baby” on the Guitar, and myself (sort of) on the Harmonica. You can hear me mostly on the intro and endings. Ashley does a great job on the guitar. Not really songs, but I cut the most interesting bits from our jam session into tracks using Audacity and cleaned them up a little. At one point I bumped the volume control and so there’s a lot of clipping “loud distortion” on a lot of tracks, but I was able to run it through a compressor and make it bearable. I really need to get a second mic. These are all recorded LIVE this morning so there are mistakes, mid-song volume changes and anything else you might expect to encounter. Play it LOUD!


1. I Don’t Know Why (5:32)

2. Sunset (1:18)

3. Sunrise (3:01)

Download all three (Basement EP) as a 10MB zip fileĀ 

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  1. Shorty says:

    Thanks for sharing your music — I enjoyed listening to it.


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