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The Albatross Around AOL’s Neck

Actually that’s a misnomer. But let’s look at digital music, MP3s, digital distribution and ecommerce for a moment. Apple is a $40 bn company, reshaping their OS (Lion) to reflect their mobile devices (originally the iPod). From largest to smallest, … Continue reading

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Guitar Effects Pedals

I’ve been experimenting with guitar effects pedals a lot lately. I took the occasion of buying a tube screamer as an excuse to pull all my guitar gear out of the storage box and link it all up. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Learning to play Harmonica

So I got this email from my buddy this afternoon. I wanna learn blues harmonica (like there is any other kind). Give me the top 3 steps to doing so. Also assume I have step one -get a harmonica Ninety … Continue reading

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