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Building a Balsa Violin, pt 1

Really this could have been included in the last post, but it was getting long and I wanted pictures of my own work above the cut.(edit: here is part 2, a year later.) So here are the first progress shots … Continue reading

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Building a Balsa Violin, pt 0

I know. I’m certifiably insane. The guy who came up with this idea and implemented it has a) roughly 45 years experience building violins b) has roughly 45 years experience building performance rowboats of similar design and c) comes from … Continue reading

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More on the Mini 110

Well it’s a tad nerve-racking getting Ubuntu 9.10 UNR working properly just days before I leave on my trip. The microphone didn’t work, but apparently reinstalling your alsa audio drivers (fix here) solves that. It just takes about an hour … Continue reading

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HP Mini 1020NR

Ok so I finally broke down and bought a netbook. After carefully looking over the options, the HP Mini (11.2″ netbook, Atom 270 processor, intel GMA 945 graphics chip) seemed like the best bang for the buck. Decent 1024×592 screen, … Continue reading

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Netbook Trackpads

Netbook trackpads can’t be that terrible. I’m using the trackpad on a low end Dell laptop the same size as a netbook’s, yet it tracks just fine. I think the problem is the sensitivity/acceleration is all fucked up. Probably if … Continue reading

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